Sarah’s Story  

I carried out a Fashion Design degree in a coastal town in Cornwall and living by the beach led to my commitment in creating stylish sustainable menswear whilst raising awareness about ocean pollution. My design forte is avant-garde menswear, influenced by traditional British tailoring and fabrics. 

Alongside my degree I self-taught how to design and make stylish jewellery using semiprecious crystals, this then grew into a small independent business, and I began selling them in local shops whilst working and studying my degree. This opportunity gave me an insight into how to run a business and as a result, gave me a deeper understanding and awareness with changes in customer demand, what is currently trending and what is up and coming in the near future. From then on it was my ambition to have a business selling my own clothing/products. 

Being very passionate about Art and Design and with my extensive knowledge in pattern cutting, garment construction, fashion design and graphics, I worked freelance as a designer for both independent and commercial companies. Varying my design expertise in clothing, accessories and home ware, since graduating my Fashion Design degree in 2016. 

When Natalie and I first founded the brand, it was an exciting opportunity for both of us, as it combined both of our passions and interests creating beautiful unique clothing in the most luxurious fabrics. 

Since both our researching into small dog clothing we saw that there were lots out there, but everything being all very generic designs and mass produced, so quality and price was very low. We found and as Natalie knew there were very few high ends designer dog clothing being produced, in what she especially was looking for. 

This is where we saw an opening to the market and began our journey to create Hercabella – high end tailored dog clothing, yet which is practical and not just a fashion faux for pictures. 

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