The Hercabella Story

Hercabella is a British born brand, based in Yorkshire, that specialises in Luxury Tailor Lined Apparel for Dogs. The Co-founders, Natalie Laidlaw a former Interior Yacht Chief Stewardess, with over 16 years’ experience working at the top end of the industry, and Sarah Ivens a Creative Fashion Designer have come together to create a practical lifestyle wardrobe for dogs.

The brand is inspired by two little Maltese Dogs named Hercules and Monabella, combining their names Herc, being strong and Bella being Beautiful, which is the foundation of their products, beautiful and refined, yet remaining strong and robust.

Hercabella prides itself being designed in Britain, all their fabrics are sourced in England from textile mills who supply fabric to some of the top leading fashion houses of the world. Their signature 'Mayfair' fabric has been designed exclusively for Hercabella woven in Yorkshire with Northern Soul.

With a distinctive branding and purple signature lining, your Canine Companion will certainly mark their territory.

What We Do

We tailor make fully lined Tux Jackets, specialised Waistcoat Harnesses with attachments, Bow Ties, Scarfs, Hair Bows and Leads, and luxury knitted jumpers using only the finest Italian Merino wool.


This innovative design concept solves the issues of putting dogs in elegant clothing only to be ruined by putting a practical harness over the top, yet still designed to make a fashionable statement - a choice of wearing the waistcoat harness on its own or with a skirt or tail attachment to make a complete 2-piece outfit


We believe that what makes our products stand out from the rest other than “our Harness concept” is our attention to detail, design and quality. Our Purple signature lining and branded tags give our products a distinctive look that lets the owner and others know that this piece is created by Hercabella


Aside from our collections, we offer a bespoke service, designing and producing unique individual pieces as per personal requirement for both pets and their owners


Throughout our collections we have specifically chosen fabrics that provide the maximum possible comfort for your dog, whilst being uncompromisingly stylish, combining Boucle's, Tweeds and Worsteds..


Our Mayfair Tweed is our own signature branded fabric exclusive only for Hercabella. Designed in house by Sarah.


Our purple signature lining, a finely woven duchess satin is non-stretch and has a gorgeous smooth finish. It doesn't have the usual high sheen finish like regular satin's, it's a more classic subtle sheen look.


Our knitwear has been carefully and responsibly sourced using only 100% extra fine Merino wool, produced and spun in Italy with Italian Merino sheep. The fibres of Merino wool are softer, finer and more sensitive than many other wools. The wool we’ve selected is then knitted directly to our specific patterns, using specialist interlocking and finishing’s.

Fabric Protection

For ultra protection all our woven fabrics are Dupoint TM Teflon coated, this is a harmless clear resin that protects natural fabrics against stains and spills without impacting the weight, feel, look or breath-ability. This gives our products superiority, durability and better practicality against weathering, ageing, and prevents light rain from absorbing into the fabric.

Our Emblem

Our Branding represents who we are and where we come from, through our emblem and logo.

The Yorkshire Rose is true to home where the heart is and where most of our fabrics are produced.

Yorkshire was the hub of the textile industry at the turn of the century.

Our Logo

The Platinum Maltese dogs who are our Precious Muse’s.

The Anchor, being a sign of stability and a reminder of a work life at sea, whilst witnessing the most luxurious lifestyle cruising the ocean, the paw crown representing pure pampered Canine Companions, who are cared and treated like royalty within the family by their owners who are familiar with only the very best. The Purple being the United Kingdom’s Royalty colour.


The packaging of our luxury products is as much a part of our brand’s image

We want to make a lasting impression on all our customers, and believe our packaging and presentation is a vital ingredient in carrying this impression out

It is both the first thing that you see and touch.


We 100% believe in our brand and all our Canine Couture Attire

Naturally we are drawn to packaging that looks good, it is a more exciting experience to receive, like a therapy for a happy mind.

Promoting these positive attributes of our brand itself, with our attention to detail, keeping it luxurious, our high values and ethics, maintaining a great customer service and an overall enjoyable experience, just like “the dog who got the bone” you could say.

Eco Friendly Packaging

The exciting "un- opening box experience” Includes only sustainable products, keeping our brand as environmentally friendly as possible.

Branded Box – Made from card and paper

Branded Tissue Paper - 18gsm Acid Free

The Muses

Hercules and Monabella the little Montpellier Maltese half brother and sister – with the same biological mum, just 6 months difference in age are best friends, inseparable, and so mischievous together, yet they are so different in their own individual personality and character.

They complement one another.


Little Hercie being the big brother, yet 1KG lighter. He’s such a gentle natured, sweet loving boy, who loves giving affection through cuddles and kisses. He is very innocent, rather quiet and can come across as shy, yet has such a great confidence and likes to protect his family, especially mum and Monabella when Dad is away. He is not fooled by anything or anyone - he is very wise!


He really loves to strut his stuff, especially when wearing clothing, he thinks he is a little human, and gets extremely excited when an item of his clothing is taken out of the draw. He is such a delicate little twinkle toes, he is delicate in everything he does – a perfect tidy eater, plays kind & gently, swims gracefully, barks softly.

He is the perfect gentleman.


Monabella has such a sweet, kind, loving nature, who likes to show her affection by being held and cuddled like a baby.

Polar opposite to Hercules! She is innocent and extremely naïve, totally oblivious to what is going on around her, yet she has such a bubbly and brassy persona. She is far less delicate, is such a messy eater, super clumsy, runs around like a baby bull - no finesse, and has the loudest bark for such little lungs. She is such a cutie, but this girl has got sass!

They Just Simply Inspire Us

Our true little inspirations who motivate us generating our total dedication in what we believe in, seeing and thriving on their happiness, in what we’ve created, enabling us and them to share and enjoy with you and your Canine Companions.


Creating an Individual pattern block, fabric cut from the personalised pattern, pieced together by hand creating a “toile” fitted perfect for your dog, then continued to be hand cut, hand sewn, hand made in Yorkshire

Inspiring You

We can create unique bespoke designs that might spark an inspiration; otherwise we can create something truly unique for your loved furry companion.

Inspiring Us

Starting from scratch you can be the focal point in the design process, expressing your ideas and desires, and we will fulfil your inspired specifications, making our products your own and bring them to life.

Certificate Of Authenticity

All bespoke creations will have a certificate of Authenticity, stating that this bespoke design is unique only to yourself, and will be signed by Hercabellas’ leading designer

Core Values

We are a responsible quality-driven, customer/canine-focused luxury brand.

Our dedication to inspire and connect with our customers is at the core of what we do, and we welcome you to be part of our exciting journey. We pride ourselves in creating stylish statement British designed tailoring for dogs, therefore it is important to us that our principles, values and ethics reflect the heart and soul of Hercabella.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our products are made considering these main factors

Comfort, Practicality, Luxury and Design

whilst succeeding in maintaining high quality

Our Values

Our Values

We believe that every dog deserves a little luxury

Combining out British Heritage with a contemporary innovation to create a lifestyle wardrobe with an emphasis on elegance

We believe that what makes our brand stand out from the rest is our unique design concept

Our Ethics

Our Ethics

We always strive to keep consistency throughout

Maintaining tremendous attention to detail and quality control at each stage, from design, fabrics and production, through to the branding

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction and Wellbeing

A British Brand, British Made, Hand finished in Britain

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