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Bespoke Services

What do you mean by Bespoke?

“Bespoke is from scratch to your inspired specifications”

We offer this exclusive luxury service for your loving furry family member providing you with a tailor made one of a kind pieces, using always only the most luxurious and very best fabrics. You can choose entirely whatever you and your dog desire and we will create and handmake the reality for you.

What Can I Have Made?

Anything that you desire, it is entirely up to you! We have unlimited options to choose from, however if you are unsure here are a few of many examples we can do for you…

We can customise one of our designs already but in a different fabric or embellishment, for example having a Tailored Tux Jacket made in Satin Silk and embellished all over in Swarovski crystals.

How about one of your favourite outfits that you’d like recreating in a new fabric for both you and your dog to match?

You might have seen something out of a magazine or on a fashion runway that you’d like to try and create? Or you might simply just have an idea in your head what you’d like?

If you have an idea in mind we can work with your ideas and make your designs come to life, specifically made to measure for your dog. Our designer also creates unique bespoke designs that might spark an inspiration; otherwise we can create something truly unique for your loved furry companion.


How Do I Go About This?

First Approach

Get in contact with us by email info@hercabella.com and put down in writing what you think that you are looking to create, any theme, any event it’s for, as much info really as possible, then your name and your telephone number and our designer will get in contact to discuss your ideas and then arrange for a first appointment.

Your first appointment

At the first meeting, we can further discuss your requirements and ideas in greater detail. Please make available any photographs, sketches or fabrics you may have. Based on your ideas and requirements, our imagination and vision, we will sketch some of these initial ideas, the beginning of the process in designing your ultimate dream outfit.

Your dogs’ measurements will be taken.

Appointments are generally held at in Yorkshire on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, however If you prefer our designer can come to the luxury of your own home on a designated day. The cost only being the expense of all travel requirements. The time taken and consultation has no fee.

What happens next?

After careful designing and sketching, we will send you a proposal with the detailed design and drawings, the fabric swatches and a quotation. Once we have agreed the design, the fabric, and any special trimmings or extra details, your dog’s bespoke unique outfit inspired by yourself, will begin our process.

We do all the bespoke designs and patterns in house, and each of our bespoke pieces are hand cut, sewn and hand made by our highly skilled tailors and machinists - ensuring exclusivity in your design, with extreme attention to detail.

You will receive a certificate of Authenticity, stating that this bespoke design is unique only to yourself, and will be signed by Hercabellas’ leading designer.

Bespoke Prices

Couture services include measuring your dog, based on these measurements we will create an individual pattern block. From discussing your ideas, creating a few designs before choosing the desired overall final design; a ‘toile’ will also be made in order for your dog to try on to ensure measurements and details are exact to specification, with a couple more fittings if needed

Prices for our couture services are on request.

The final cost will depend on the choice of fabrics, trimmings, embellishments and the complexity of the final design. This will be quoted before anything is made and any further work is carried out.

Designer Ready-To-Wear

Our ready to wear collections are also available, ranging from British Tweed waistcoat harnesses, Worsted wool tailored jackets to Italian extra fine merino wool jumpers. We have a choice of matching leads and accessories within these collections, so that your dog can have a totally complete matching outfit!

These ready to wear collections are highly limited, and once these collections are all depleted, they’re very unlikely to be repeated. This is in order to keep our brand as exclusive as possible maintaining a uniqueness for your dog nothing else quite like it and to keep our signature mark on the industry.

Shop Ready To Wear

For Further Enquires

If you are interested in our Bespoke services and want to find out more, contact us via email.

Email: info@hercabella.com
Tel Number: +44 7775 504227

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Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturdays and Sundays: Closed
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