Our Adventure

Our Adventure  

The process of our adventure has taken a year to finally be happy with the concept of our brands product. We have always been very happy with our fabrics – they are luxurious, created for the luxury fashion concerning human, this part was easy as we always said we’d only use luxurious fabrics that one would only wear oneself. 

designer dog sweater uk dog jumper by Hercabella

It has been the in between that’s been exhausting... 

It’s been a long trail of experimenting, changes, tears, sweat, joy, excitement, frustration, thoughts of failure in coming up with a solution, but with dedication, determination, brain storming and vision – and with memory in mind in which annoys the most, spending lots of money on beautiful clothing to be spoilt by covering with a harness – the answer and solution was there –everyday as part of our daily outing/routine over the year – but we just couldn’t get the concept right... 

The penny dropped! 

The combination of a stylish quality outfit fit for a casual day out, or come more dinner ready for a evening out with still the click of a lead for a venture out for a stroll and toilet stop on the grass in the meantime with a simple joining of an attachment – to make it more of an outfit without trying to put a pinafore or a pair of trousers under the waistcoat harness. 

We were back on that right road! 

We initially started out with lots of designs with our beautiful fabrics, that as we see now were totally unachievable, we were aiming for the impossible. We did narrow down our collections to be made and had samples made, which we were unhappy with the outcome – it just didn’t work for us, it was just the same old doggy dog clothing that was already out there. 

We scrapped pretty much everything and decided that we had to distinguish ourselves – we needed a concept, we needed a niche, we needed to create a brand first that was recognisable, a signature. 

Concept and Signature 

We were now very happy with our Harness and skirt / tail attachment concept, but now we needed to give it a signature and is that’s where we came up with the idea of becoming British Hand Tailor Made”, and lining all our items in a duchess satin, remaining the high material quality now being our “purple signature lining”. 


What could we add to dress Hercules and Monabella in to complete the look of their new tailor made fully lined Waistcoat Harness, skirt and tail attachment concept, for that ultimate WOW factor – I’m dressed to impress look at me and I’m matching? 

Rather like when you’re wearing your favourite outfit, you need to create the complete look and colour coordinate appropriately your accessories, and your shoes certainly have to be exactly matching your bag……-  

Our concept escalated and combined with creation became our niche 

Starting with the obvious – Of course it had to be an exact matching lead. Wbegan to create new sketches in order to complete the collections. A girlie statement hair bow for Monabellaa bow tie for Hercules, colour co-ordinating luxurious jumpers, or even a tailored lined edgy scarf, to wear over the jumperlets’ be able to mix and match, so finally how about a tailored lined Tuxedo Jacket to wear with that bow tie to match dad. 

Think we’ve got this! We hope you do too! 


Hercabella stylish designer dog clothing luxury dog clothes uk

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